What’s NEW?

Updates to the OSSLT User Guide

The user guide is published online after an annual review. Please refer to this 2023-24 guide for the most current guidelines.

Updated Firewall’s Domain-Allowed List

The firewall’s domain-allowed list has been updated. Ensure all the domains are added so that students can access the assessment fully. Refer to Firewall’s domain-allowed list for public schools or for private schools for more details.

OSSLT Framework

The OSSLT Framework has been updated for 2023-24, including the blueprint of how the assessment aligns with the Ontario curriculum, the test design, scoring rubrics and a ISR sample. Each test has a field-test component and an operational component. The operational component contains the items that are scored to be included in the student results. The items from the field-test component are not used in determining the student results. Review the OSSLT Framework.

Autosubmission of sessions or stages 

Any student who had started a session but did not submit their work will have their session automatically submitted by the system by 5:00 p.m. (ET) to prevent student sessions from remaining open when not in use. Refer to Autosubmission of sessions.

Alternative Version Requests

New for 2023-24: formats of the Alternative Version requested by the school will be provided through the Message Centre as a compressed folder. The Alternative Version of the Practice Test will also be provided through the Message Centre in the same format requested by the school. Monitor the Message Centre in the school administrator’s account for communication and files from EQAO.

School administrators can monitor the pending, approved or canceled status of the Alternative Version requests by accessing the Requests tab in their account. Please refer to instructions for requesting or cancelling in the Alternative Version of the OSSLT.

Teacher view

The teacher view has been refreshed to make the navigation experience better. There is integration of Message Centre pinned messages.

Student single login

Students will no longer be able to login to two devices simultaneously.

Board IT account domain exclusion check

A new feature will allow for all allowed domains to be checked on your network automatically.

Appeal Process

 Only the school administrator of the school where the student registered for the OSSLT in the current administration window may submit an appeal to EQAO on behalf of the student, according to the eligibility requirements in the EQAO Appeal Policy provided in the e-assessment system. School administrators will not submit appeals that were already submitted as a reported issue to EQAO for investigation during the OSSLT administration window. A score review does not constitute grounds for an appeal.

The appeal process will become active in the school administrator’s account in the e-Assessment system once ISRs are released. School administrators will have two weeks after ISRs are released to launch an appeal from the Reports tab.

Updated on April 18, 2024