Scheduling and monitoring the assessment 

In the Assessment Sessions tab, you can: 

  • schedule a new assessment session 
  • edit or cancel sessions 
  • view in progress sessions 
  • view the submitted sessions 
  • view the session status 
  • view the associated teachers or invigilators  
  • view the class code or grouping 
  • view the number of students 
  • view the assessment type 
  • view the times for each session 
  • invigilate the session 

Sort sessions by any fields when clicking the header of each column. 

Scheduling a new session 

The OSSLT should be scheduled well in advance of the planned first day of the administration of the OSSLT, either by the school administrator or the teacher.

If the OSSLT and Practice test are scheduled with overlapping times, you will need to click End Practice Test before being able to start the other. 

  1. Access the Assessment Sessions tab. 
  2. Click Create New Session
  3. Fill in the fields: 
    • Class code / Grouping 
    • Assessment 
    • Start Later
  4. Set start date/time for Session A and B. Session A must be scheduled before Session B.
  5. When you have finalized the dates, click OK

You can see whether the assessment session is Pending, In Progress or Submitted

Editing your session(s)

  1. Check the sessions box beside the session you wish to edit. 
  2. Click Edit Selection
  3. Edit the start times for Session A and/or Session B. 
  4. Click OK

The assessment session start times cannot be edited once the assessment session has begun. If you have clicked Submit to EQAO for scoring, the assessment session will be closed.

Cancelling your session(s) 

  1. Check the sessions box(es). 
  2. Click Cancel Session(s)
  3. Click OK

 Invigilating the assessment 

  1. Click the Assessment Sessions tab. 
  2. Select a session. 
  3. Click Invigilate at the end of the row. 
  4. Invigilate the test. 

When clicking the Invigilate button you will have access to all features on the teacher’s invigilation page. Refer to During the OSSLT for instructions. 

Monitoring your submitted session(s) 

  1. Check the sessions box(es). 
  2. Click Submitted Session(s)

Additional information 

Refer to Students Completing the Assessment After the Assessment has been Submitted in the teacher section of this user guide for more information. 

Updated on November 5, 2023