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Viewing and Managing Assessment Sessions

After logging in to your account, you can view the list of assessment sessions at your school by selecting the Assessment Sessions tab on the main navigation panel.

Using this view, you can create new sessions, edit or cancel sessions, view submitted sessions and view details about each assessment session, including the invigilator(s) assigned to the class, the number of students, the time (if the session has been scheduled) and the status of the session. The Status column will inform you whether an assessment session is Pending, In Progress or Submitted.

Scheduling New Assessment Sessions

The OSSLT can be scheduled for groupings by the school administrator or the teacher once the groupings have been set up in the system. If the teacher is scheduling the assessment, the school administer can skip these steps.

The OSSLT should be scheduled well in advance of the planned first day of the administration of the OSSLT. 

Note: The OSSLT must not be scheduled with overlapping dates with the Practice test. If the dates overlap, you will not have access to either the practice test or the OSSLT.

Follow these steps to schedule the OSSLT:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Select the Assessment Sessions tab to be taken to the Assessments page.

3. To create a new session, click Create New Session.

4. This will open an input field that will prompt you to enter information about the session.

Enter the appropriate class/grouping code, select the Practice Test or Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, select later, (this is the only option available for scheduling the OSSLT) and set the start and end dates. Click OK when you have finalized your dates and are ready to finish scheduling the OSSLT. A scheduled OSSLT will then appear in the Status column as Pending.

Note: The Status column will also inform you whether a practice test or the OSSLT is In Progress. You must schedule the Practice Test and the OSSLT with at least one minute between them. It is not possible to have a Practice Test in progress when you are ready to start the actual OSSLT. The Practice Test must be submitted by the teacher at which time it will no longer appear as an Active Session on the teacher’s account.

Note: If you would like to view the sessions that were already submitted, click the Submitted Session(s) button above the table. If you would like to view the sessions that are in progress or pending, click the In Progress/Pending Session(s).

Editing OSSLT Sessions

The date of an assessment session can be adjusted under the Assessment Sessions tab, which can be accessed from the main navigation panel.

The assessment session start and end dates can not be edited once the assessment session has begun. If you have submitted student results, the assessment session will be closed, a new assessment session will need to be set up for students with incomplete sessions submitted to complete their assessment.

Select an existing session using the checkbox beside the session (1) and then click Edit Selection (2). This will open the session editing screen and allow you to edit aspects of the session, including the date.

Invigilating the OSSLT

If a school administrator needs to invigilate an assessment session, it must be In Progress (1) for a particular grouping. A school administrator must click the Invigilate (2) button that corresponds to that grouping. Clicking on the button will take them to the invigilator page. From there they will be able to access the various features associated with invigilating an assessment session. Refer to the Invigilating the OSSLT section for more information.

Students Completing the OSSLT After the Test has been Submitted

If there are students who were unable to complete the OSSLT, they can complete the assessment provided it is still within the EQAO administration dates. Refer to Students Completing the Operational Assessment After the Assessment has been Submitted in the teacher section of this user guide for more information.

Updated on December 5, 2022