Viewing and Managing Groupings

School administrators are responsible for ensuring that all students eligible for the OSSLT are accounted for in the e-assessment system, including those writing with accommodations or a special provision, and those deferred or exempted.

Viewing and Managing Groupings

After logging in to your account, you can view the list of classes at your school by selecting the Classes/Groupings tab on the main navigation panel.

Using this view, you can create a new grouping; edit or delete groupings; as well as view the teachers assigned to each grouping, the corresponding grouping codes, whether dates have been set for the sessions and how many students are in each grouping. A dropdown menu will allow you to select and sort groupings of students. This is where you will be able to assign or reassign a grouping to a test window by using the “Assign to Test Window” feature.

Note: If there are students who will not be taking the OSSLT during the fall administration window but appear on the student list, they must not be deleted from the e-assessment system. Do not assign these students to a grouping for the fall administration window. These students will remain on the student list and will not be able to access a scheduled test session. EQAO will be reporting achievement results on fully participating students only.

Adding a Missing Grouping

The upload through the Student Data Collection system populates your school’s account with student and class information.

If a class that should be in your list does not appear or was not included in the original upload, you can manually add a class and all its information (students are not added). On the Classes/Grouping page in the administrator account, click Create New Grouping.

This will open a pop-up that will allow you to create a grouping by adding all the necessary information. Clicking OK will finish the process.

Note: This does not add the students to the class. For information on how to add the students to a grouping, refer to the Adding Students.

Updated on October 31, 2022