Creating and managing groupings  

The Classes/Groupings tab allows you to: 

  • create new grouping(s) 
  • edit or delete grouping(s) 
  • move an inactive grouping to an active test window 
  • view the list of grouping(s) 
  • manage the assigned Teacher/Invigilator 
  • view the total number of Students for each grouping 
  • preparing for guest students 

Sort classes or groupings by any fields when clicking the header of each column.

Creating a new grouping

  1. Access the Classes/Groupings tab. 
  2. Click Create New Grouping
  3. Fill in the fields: 
    • Class code / Grouping 
    • Teacher (Can assign later) 
  4. Click OK. Now students can be added to the class/grouping.

If a new grouping does not appear right away, try refreshing your browser.

Editing a grouping

  1. Access the Classes/Groupings tab. 
  2. Select the Class/Grouping from the list.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Edit the fields:
    • Class code / Grouping 
    • Teacher (Can assign later) 
  5. Click OK

Preparing groupings for guest students 

A student is a guest student if they are enrolled in a school, for example a virtual school, and needs to complete the practice test or the OSSLT at another school under the supervision of school staff. They will need to provide the host school the access code associated to the grouping to which you assign them. They will also need their OEN. 

A guest student’s results will be accessed by their school where they are enrolled. 

If you are sending a student(s) to another school (host school) to complete the OSSLT, you must create groupings and assign the student(s) to them. 

  1. Access the Classes/Groupings tab. 
  2. Create a new grouping with a name of your choosing. 
  3. Click OK. 
  4. Click the Students tab. 
  5. Select a student by clicking their box. 
  6. Click Assign to Grouping
  7. Click OK. 

You may assign multiple students to the same grouping only if they will be completing the OSSLT in person at the same school. This generates the same access code.  

Students writing in different schools should not be assigned to the same grouping.

Retrieving the access code for the host school 

The host school will require the access code of the grouping to which you assigned the student(s). The invigilator at the host school will input the access code by following the steps outlined in the teacher guide.

The teacher that you assign to the grouping must follow these steps to retrieve the access code(s) to share with the host school: 

  1. Review the list of Groupings from the teacher page.  
  2. Record the access code of the grouping to which the guest student has been assigned. 

The access code is noted on the Groupings page. 

  1. This code will need to be shared with the host school, along with each student’s OEN. 

The teacher from the home school should not schedule the practice test or the OSSLT for students that have been added to groupings at another school as guest students. 

Assigning additional invigilators to a class or a grouping 

If you require more than one teacher to have access to the invigilation page for a grouping in your school, you will follow the steps to add additional invigilators

  1. Access the Class/Groupings tab. 
  2. Select the Class Code/Grouping from the list. 
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click Add/Remove Additional Invigilators.  

Only teachers with active accounts will appear in this list. Refer to Teachers/Invigilators.

  1. Select the invigilator(s) to add to the class.
  2. Click OK

Removing additional teachers from a grouping 

  1. Access the Class/Groupings tab. 
  2. Select the grouping from the list. 
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click Remove.  
  5. Click OK

Deleting a grouping 

  1. Select the Class Code / Grouping box(es). 
  2. Click Delete
  3. Click OK

If you plan to be assigning this grouping to a future administration window, do not delete it. Assign the grouping to a different administration window using the drop down list. 

Importing data 

To import data into the system: 

  1. Click Import
  2. Select Import or Template
  3. Verify (import) or input (template) the data: 
    • Grouping 
    • TeacherFirstName 
    • TeacherLastName 
  1. Click OK

Exporting data 

To export data to your folders: 

  1. Click Export
  1. Verify the information: 
    • Grouping 
    • TeacherFirstName 
    • TeacherLastName 
  1. Download the file. 
Updated on October 10, 2023