Providing access to Teachers/Invigilators

All teachers who will be invigilating the test must have an active account. School administrators send the invitation emails to the teachers/invigilators by following the steps outlined below. School administrators can monitor the status of the teacher accounts from this section. 

The Teachers/Invigilators tab allows you to: 

  • view the list of teacher(s) or invigilator(s) who have been sent invitations to create an account 
  • invite teachers or invigilators to create an account to access the system 
  • edit or revoke access to a teacher or an invigilator 
  • view the total number of Students for each teacher or invigilator 
  • view the corresponding Class Code/Grouping 
  • view the date and time the invitation was sent on 

Sort teachers or invigilators by any field when clicking the header of each column.

Setting up teacher accounts

Follow these steps to initiate the invitation emails being sent to teachers/invigilators: 

  1. Access the Teachers/Invigilators tab. 
  2. Click Create New Account
  3. Fill in the fields: 
    • First Name 
    • Last Name
    • E-mail 
  4. Select a Class Code/Group Name.  
  5. Click OK

Classes/groupings must be added in the Classes/Groupings tab before they can be assigned to teachers/invigilators.

Once a grouping has been created, a main teacher must be assigned to it. School administrators and teachers can add additional invigilators to a grouping as needed. Refer to the Adding or removing additional invigilators (as needed)

Editing an account’s access

  1. Check the teacher or invigilator box. 
  2. Click Edit Account Access
  3. Edit the fields: 
    • First Name 
    • Last Name 
  4. Select the appropriate Class Code/Group Name
  5. Click OK

Revoking an account’s access

  1. Check the teacher or invigilator box. 
  2. Click Revoke Account Access
  3. Click OK
Updated on October 10, 2023