Completing the Technical Readiness checklist

The Technical Readiness tab allows you to: 

  • review all the Administration Checklist items 
  • check the completed items 
  • track your progress 
  • complete the Principal Questionnaire

When both the technical readiness checklist and the school board IT checklist are completed, a green box confirming the test can be administered will be displayed. 

Teachers can administer the test only once these checklists are completed. 

Completing the checklist 

School administrators should check each item in the list once completed. 

  • has been added to the safe sender email list. 
  • All classes/groupings used for the assessment are reflected in the data. 
  • All teachers have been invited and have access to their accounts. 
  • All participating students are listed. Non-participation status is noted. 
  • The accommodation needs of students with an IEP or special considerations are indicated. 
  • All devices have been configured to run the assessment, with the appropriate lockdown browser software installed (to be completed with the support of IT staff): SafeExamBrowser or Kiosk
  • The school board has confirmed the technical readiness and availability of the school network (this will be checked when completed by the board IT representative). 

At the top and the bottom of the page, you can see either a red or a green bar: 
– Red: your board has Not yet completed the Board Network Readiness Checklist
– Green: your board has Completed the Board Network Readiness Checklist

Completing the Principal Questionnaire 

In the Principal Questionnaire tab, you can click the Principal Questionnaire button to complete it. 

Updated on October 10, 2023