Individual Student Reports

Individual Student Reports will be provided to school administrators through the e-assessments system.

  • For students participating in the fall administration, Individual Student Reports will be available by the end of January.
  • For students participating in the spring administration, Individual Student Reports will be available by mid-June.

Accessing Individual Student Reports

This section includes instructions on how to access Individual Student Reports.

Once the Individual Student Reports are available, follow the steps below to access to them.

Note:  Prior to accessing the Individual Student Reports, school administrators must have validated all student information. This step is required prior to the release of student reports. To review the process on validating student information in the e-assessment system, please refer to the steps in the section called Validating Student Information.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Once you have logged in, select the Reports tab.

3. Once you have opened the Reports tab, you will see a list of all the student reports. Click Print number report(s) to download and print the reports. This will permit you to download all the reports at once, if required.

To view a specific student’s report, open the Students tab and select View Report next to a student’s name.

Note: These reports contain personal information that is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. As a result, the reports should be shared with or provided to the school administrator or delegate only (no one else has access to this information). Reports will not be sent to teachers. If you would like your teaching staff to view individual student reports, school administrators will need to share the reports directly with them.

Schools can review, verify or update all student-level data (e.g., student name, Ontario Education Number, demographic information) until July 7. Beyond this date, the e-assessment system will be read-only.

Student outcomes: “Successful” or “Not yet successful”

The Individual Student Report provides the outcome for each student.

A student’s outcome is assigned using a statistical procedure that takes into account the student’s responses to the questions on the assessment and the characteristics of each question, such as difficulty. This procedure, known as Item Response Theory, assumes a continuum of literacy ability and locates the student’s outcome along that continuum.

Note that a score is not provided on the Individual Student Report for students that complete the alternative version of the test.

The following are samples of the Individual Student Report for the OSSLT. 

Updated on February 10, 2023