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How do I provide students with access to the practice test?

This section includes instructions on how to provide students with access to the practice test through the e-assessment system.

How do I conduct a practice test session for my class/grouping?

You can conduct a practice test in order to give your students a chance to experience the e-assessment system before their actual test session.

To conduct a practice test session, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your teacher account.

2. Once you are logged in, select the Classes/Groupings tab on the left-hand sidebar.

3. In this view, you will see your classes/groupings. To open a class/grouping, click Select Grouping.

4. Once your class or grouping is open, click Start or Schedule Assessment Session.

5. Two choices will appear: Practice Test (OSSLT) and Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. Click Practice Test.

6. Two more choices will appear: Start Now and Schedule for Later. Practice Tests can be launched by clicking on Start Now or Schedule for Later.

If you would like to start the Practice Test immediately with students in your class, click Start Now. Clicking on “Start Now” will take you directly to the invigilator screen which will allow you to monitor student progress during session A and B of the Practice Test.

7. If you would like to schedule the Practice Test for later, Click Schedule for Later. Clicking “Schedule for Later” will allow you to choose a start date/time for session A and B.  When the dates and times are chosen, click on Schedule Assessment to finalize the scheduling.

Please note: You must leave 60 minutes between the scheduled times for session A and B.

8. When you are ready to start the Practice Test, return to the Assessments Page and click on the scheduled Practice Test (bolded blue text) below “ASSESSMENT SESSIONS”. You will then be redirected to the Assessment invigilation page.

9. Once students have completed session A and session B of the Practice Test, the assessment session must be closed. On invigilator screen the teacher should select the Submit Results tab on the invigilator page.

Please note: After selecting the Submit Results tab, a screen will come up where you must verify your submission. Type “yes” in the input box then click OK. This will ensure the test is closed allowing you to open future assessments for students.

The Practice Test allows students to experience what the full OSSLT assessment sessions will be like. It also includes all tools and accessibility features that will be available during the assessment session, so that students can familiarize themselves beforehand.

How do I access the practice test with no account?

Anyone can access the practice test directly from the EQAO website.

To start the practice test, go to

The practice test will allow students to experience the testing process and try the tools. At the end of the practice test, students will be able to check their answers to the multiple-select questions and see sample student written responses.